The inspiration from The Book of Matthew 2 and 2 Timothy 1 is an abstract cubist oil painting, produced in April 2011, about the Three Wise Men that went to see Jesus after His birth in Bethlehem. They gave Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The Wise Men were obedient to the Lord and brought gifts to Jesus His Son. The Wise Men were human just as we are and possibly perplexed by the decision and/or indecisiveness. We all face this challenge daily and sway back and forth at times with our decisions. I painted the camels with this same swaying effect as we endure, until we rest our minds and hearts and the direction is clear, just as it was for the Wise Men. Lift up your hands unto the Lord, and lift up your eyes!

The Wise Ones

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    Katy, TX, USA



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