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©Copyright 2008 - 2019 by Andy Gonzalez

Painted in May 2012, The Teaching is an abstract oil painting about the time when Jesus was a young boy and he stayed at a temple in Jerusalem during the time of Passover while his family decided to return home. For three days he was with a few doctors, and was listening to their teachings, and he taught them things as well.


The presence of the Holy Spirit is all around Jesus, represented as flowing lines. No matter how old He was, He was filled with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, that only our Heavenly Father can provide. The Holy Spirit is also shown as a dove in the top center of the piece, and the eye, which is always seeing, knowing, protecting

and guiding us all.


The three images of the doctors are shown with a head light that was worn by doctors to reflect light as they were examining a patient, so they could see better. The Son of God was providing the light that was being reflected all around them and today, Jesus is the Light in this dark world.

The Teaching

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