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Completed December 2015, This oil painting shows a Religious Pharisee on the left laughing and jeering at one of Jesus' disciples gathering grains so they could eat on The Sabbath Day.


The Sabbath Day is a sacred day created by God for us all to rest after six days of work. It's been a day that has caused much controversy over the years. The Sabbath became a very legalistic way of life. The Pharisees doctrine was that you could not do anything at all on that day, but Jesus changed the world with the Words He spoke concerning The Sabbath.


Do what you must, but remember to rest. The Sabbath Day is a Holy Day for worship and praise unto God, it is a day that we are to rest, as God did on the seventh day after He created the heavens and the earth.


If something happens on that day that requires you to lift a finger to "work" then by all means do what you must, because God knows your heart. He will not condemn you, because you had to do this or that. Jesus healed the blind, and the disciples gathered grain so they could eat on The Sabbath. Jesus is shown on the right proclaiming that He is Lord of The Sabbath.


Do not judge others or mock them for when things must be done on The Sabbath Day. As Jesus said, "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for The Sabbath."

The Sabbath Day

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