Katy, TX, USA




©Copyright 2008 - 2019 by Andy Gonzalez

This Black White & Color Mixed Media work was produced July 2017 with Acrylic and Various Inks. Originally completed in September 2010, this oil painting shows an abstract image of Jesus holding a scroll of The Book of Isaiah, as well as an abstract image of Christ’s face. He was reading from the scroll of Isaiah 61. Isaiah 61 is painted in Hebrew on the scroll. Jesus was proclaiming that He was the Christ and that the scriptures Isaiah had written long ago was now fulfilled. They laughed at Him and made fun of who He was claiming to be. Jesus was preaching in the synagogue for the first time in His hometown of Nazareth, and they couldn’t believe that He could be the Messiah. The scriptures don’t say that Jesus actual wept while being Rejected that day in the synagogue, and nearly getting thrown off the town cliffs, but I was led to paint large tear drops falling from His face, because of The Rejection from back then and even today. This B&W production titled 'No More Tears' is a reminder of what is to come.

No More Tears - Mixed Media

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