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©Copyright 2008 - 2019 by Andy Gonzalez

This Black White & Color Mixed Media work was produced July 2017 with Acrylic and Various Inks. Produced in June 2011, this oil painting is of Mary and baby Jesus, at the 'Center of It All' riding on a donkey with Joseph alongside protecting them. They were taking Jesus into Egypt to protect Him from King Herod’s declaration over the children of Bethlehem. Joseph is protecting Mary, Mary is protecting Jesus and the image of the dove in the upper corner is protecting them all. Even the donkey is protecting the Lamb as they normally do. At times no matter how much we know, and no matter how much protection we have the snake, the serpent, always appears and attacks us. Be on guard and know that The Full Armor of God will provide The Protection by our Heavenly Father to carry us through the valley, and into our Promised Land.

Center of It All - Mixed Media

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