Produced in May 2010, this oil painting shows John The Baptist at the second pinnacle point of his ministry. The first is shown in another AGGA painting titled The Baptism and the third one is titled The Wilderness. He was beheaded by King Herod because of a promise made to King Herod’s wife’s daughter. The Platter shows a woman named Salome, who was lost in sin, who followed the instructions of her mother Herodias, who was also living a sinful life, and had John The Baptist beheaded only because John would tell them to repent of their sins.


The Platter shows a woman who is living the party life and at the same time killing others along her journey; physically and emotionally killing them. Her life is full of hatred and evil toward others, and at times her horns pop out in the drunken rages. Her actions and selfishness cause others around her to just drain themselves of all their financial resources and possessions. She is a drain on her own life and eventually gets washed away and slips down to the bottom of the pit.


John The Baptist was one who we should emulate, one who we should imitate. As shown in this painting, John was always looking at The Cross. He knew his purpose, and had his eyes fixed on it.

The Platter

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