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Produced May 2014, inspired by The Book of Luke 4, 8 and 9, The Peace and The Rest oil painting showing Jesus, The Christ, casting out demons and healing a possessed man. At one time or another we can relate to this content. We have all struggled with our own demons, and God delivered us. Maybe you're still encountering troubles. Maybe the angel and devil on the right and left shoulders has you perplexed? The time is now to couch down, and to kneel at the throne of our Heavenly Father and ask God for forgiveness and command the demons to be cast out of you, or off of you, and be sent back into the pit of hell, by the power of Jesus' name! As the painting shows by the tribal designs, your demons will leave you, and your eyes will be opened, and you will then begin to have 'The Peace And The Rest' that God intended you to have every single day.

The Peace and The Rest

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