Produced in December 2011, the abstract cubist design for the oil painting titled The Mass is based upon a time in history when King Herod heard that One (Jesus) was born in the City of Bethlehem that is to be called King, and that He would rule over all. This didn’t sit easy with King Herod. He was angry and didn’t want anyone to take his seat as king, so he sent forth a declaration to his army to kill all the male babies that were born in Bethlehem. He told his army to murder all of the babies, because he was searching for Jesus, the Messiah, the King of kings, the Lord of lords! The Lord spoke to Joseph one night and told him to take Jesus out of Bethlehem, and so Joseph and Mary fled into Egypt, and didn’t know what was about to happen.

There are two inspirations for The Mass. The first inspiration is pertaining to how the government, even still today, allows innocent babies to be murdered, because someone is in fear of what may happen with having that child enter this world. Abortions are carried out by mothers and fathers, simply because they are scared, and abortions are carried out, because the government believes we all have a choice. God doesn’t give us a choice concerning abortion. He has said in His word, Thou Shall Not Commit Murder, but several choose to not listen to His Word or Voice, and they go about doing what they want to do, because it’s convenient.

The Mass

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