Katy, TX, USA




©Copyright 2008 - 2019 by Andy Gonzalez

Produced in June 2010, this oil painting shows an abstract image of Jesus sitting in a boat and calling upon Simon Peter, James and John for the first time. This painting shows Christ teaching the soon to be disciples about faith. They had worked all night and didn’t catch any fish. After following His commands is when the miracles started happening. Christ, the Ultimate Fisherman, is standing with authority with His cross in the air and with His hook ready to pull you into His arms of Love.

The disciples are all shown to be kneeling down to Christ and worshiping Him. The disciples are all the same shape, because we were all created equally in the image of God, however, God gave us all different color, unique talents, abilities and spiritual gifts as shown by the different shapes with the disciples and the different colors. The forth disciple is one of myself. The Tree of Life is the root system we must be connected to, and the Holy Spirit sees everyone who is connected.

The Fisherman

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