Inspired by The Book of Mark and Jonah, The Calm shows an abstract image of Jesus in a boat during a big storm. The disciples were scared and are shown in a boat with their arms in the air crying out for help. Christ is shown as the anchor of our body and soul, and the rudder of the boat guides us as the Holy Spirit.  In the lower left section of the painting is a whale, as a reminder of what happened to Jonah. Shown to represent that if we fail to obey what the Lord is telling us to do, God will allow us to go thru some things and experience events and situations because of our self-will. The boat is like the Hand of God, holding us comfortably along still waters and raging waves. God will allow us to be swallowed up, maybe by a whale, and carry us safely to our destination, in His perfect will for us, as he did with Jonah.

The Calm

Media Options (Paper, Canvas, Wood Panel)


    Katy, TX, USA



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