Giclee Prints Available on Paper, Canvas and Di-Bond Brushed Aluminum.Just Stop & Smell The Roses was created to show an abstract picture of a Venus Fly-trap and a giant insect starring down the barrel of the gun. Sometimes in life we tend to go places we shouldn’t go and associate with people that we shouldn’t be hanging around, and usually it ends in pain and someone getting hurt and offended. That life is like the insect that decides to go around the Venus Fly-trap. If it had only known that the place it was about the go in was not a safe place, then he wouldn’t have gone. The education of the mind to understand the do’s and don’ts are oftentimes elementary, and basic. We as humans try to elude the dangers only when it’s too late, just like the insect. If it had only known not to go into that place because it was bad. It should have just stopped and smelled the roses instead. 

Just Stop & Smell The Roses

Media Options (Paper, Canvas, Metal)


    Katy, TX, USA



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